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    Counterpoint: The Benefits of Portrait Shots

    Counterpoint: The Benefits of Portrait Shots

    What is it about portrait photography that we find so fascinating? There’s a reason that selfies have taken over the world, after all.  The portrait medium allows you the unique opportunity to truly capture the essence of your subject, of the human being in the frame. This article will offer some expert ideas on what how portrait shots are hard to beat, along with a few useful tips for how to make the most of them.


    Why They’re Good

    Portraits allow us to gauge the subject as a person and an individual more effectively. It’s no wonder actors use headshots when auditioning for film parts. Not only do portraits create a sense of trust and openness, but it can also generate feelings of warmth and affection. There’s something so intrinsic and familiar about the face that appeals to all of us. It tells you everything you need to know about the person and can reveal a lot about a person, including what their most intimate thoughts and feelings might be. If you can effectively capture a person’s true self on camera, you’ve nothing to worry about.

    Helpful Tips

    The following tips can help you create some truly standout portrait photos:

    • Exposure Compensation – Light skin tones can often trick your camera into underexposing a shot, and your metering system may struggle to create the best shots when in areas that are brightly lit or severely under-lit. By dialing up your exposure compensation by 1, you can lighten your subject’s face with minimal effort.
    • Shutter speed – Focal length can sometimes become a problem when camera-shake is taken into consideration. Using a higher shutter speed than your focal length will allow you to consistently capture clearer, more distinct shots.
    • Choice of Lens – Lens choice impacts on all the photos you take and if you want your portrait shots to make a big impact, a wide-angel lens is a necessity. Low angle shots can make a subject appear taller, though an inferior lens can cause distortion and even make them appear wider, which (if it’s a person) isn’t very flattering.